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Industry Overview
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    NICHEM Information Consulting Co. Ltd. has been an independent provider of the highest quality market research & strategic consulting services to chemical and plastics companies. NICHEM has provided great quantities of consulting services to many of the world's famous and most successful chemical corporations, and has grown to be a leading market research & strategic consulting firm to help some world famous multinationals understand chemical market and evaluate new business opportunities in China.
  Our staff of chemists, chemical engineers and business professionals provides assistance to major organizations involved in the manufacturing, distribution, sales & marketing and use of chemicals. Our qualified consultant team possesses a wealth of experiences and expertise which can be brought together in flexible combination to address clients' needs. We are experts in obtaining firsthand information and combining it with extensive knowledge and expertise to gain fresh insights into complex business issues and to provide clients with highly insightful information for clients' better decisions.   NICHEM‘s extensive consulting expertise encompasses every sector of the chemical industry. Our services focuses on market research and assessments, strategic planning, competitive intelligence, tech-economic analysis, and customer satisfaction surveys etc..
Our Approach
  NICHEM use tailored multifaceted approaches for information gathering and analysis. Interviews are conducted throughout the value chain with suppliers, manufacturers, competitors, researchers, distributors, end users, and industrial experts and associations through face to face and telephone etc.. Information is verified, supplemented and cross-referenced against multiple sources. NICHEM's methodology is based on primary information research.
  While secondary information can be useful, it is only by actually discussion with respondents that insightful analysis of business issues can be made.
  A senior analyst is assigned to collate and analyze primary data prior to and during the writing of the report. NICHEM's solutions are based on in-depth analysis and insightful industry knowledge.
  Secondary information is gathered from a very wide variety of sources that includes industrial associations, on-line databases, government agencies, trade associations and other public sources.
  You may access further detailed information about NICHEM by checking other areas of our web.
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